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Civil & Commercial Litigation & Other Dispute Resolution

Offering expert advice on intricate and complex areas within civil and commercial disputes
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General Legal Advisory

At Peter Caruana & Co we ensure that your general legal inquiries are tailored specifically to you
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Personal Injury/Medical Negligence

We provide detailed analysis and exploration of an array of issues within the personal injury field.
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Financial Services, Gambling & Telecommunications

Our firm is excellently equipped to protect our clients from gambling related financial hardships
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Advising both employers and employees, at Peter Caruana & Co we ensure your issues are dealt with expeditiously
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Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crimes

Effectively assisting companies and businesses on compliance functions evading corruption and financial crime
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Public law

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Company Law

Effectively managing the rights, relations and conduct of large companies both locally and internationally
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Criminal Litigation

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Data Protection & Privacy

Prioritising the safeguarding of clients from data corruption and hardships
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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Trained in the areas of bankruptcy, liquidation and other collective administrative proceedings
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Trusts, Trusts Disputes and Trust Litigation

Protecting and securing family assets effectively

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Wills & Probate

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