Our History

In 2012, Sir Peter Caruana formed a legal practice providing advice and analysis on the law. Using his professional understanding of Gibraltar and Gibraltar law, Sir Peter Caruana has used his extensive insight and knowledge to steadily grow our practice into a small, established law firm.

In the last 10 years, the firm has grown and expanded into other areas of law led by a team of experienced lawyers. With a wide array of specialisms and expertise, the team works together to provide a bespoke legal service. While the firm has steadily developed, the overarching goal is to deliver a personalised and professional service.

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As a small firm, we have greater independence and can prioritise the needs of our clients. Having been involved in many high-profile cases, we have quickly become a recognised, leading firm in Gibraltar. Above all, Peter Caruana & Co. has and will continue to provide sound legal advice and analysis for our clients.